Embrace it, it’s Just Digital

Digital is omnipresent in our daily lives, it's not the future anymore. And as it takes proeminent place, we think that everybody should have the possibility to understand it. We're not reinventing the wheel by saying that understanding digital would lead you to using it in the most efficient way. Ok Digital evolves all the time. It’s understandable that some aspect of this crazy evolution can be a little overwhelming though.

That’s why we are here ! JDi agency aims to demystify the digital world and flourishes by leaving its young and innovative mark on each component of the Digital world. With this in mind, we believe that for an exceptional collaboration we need to understand your business as much as you need to understand ours.

We offer unique digital experiences that will persist in your audience’s mind. Unique doesn't mean crazy as our brand can be, it means focussing on your core business and your expectations in a way that your audience will never forget.

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Obsessed with creative design, we navigate through different galaxies: web design, graphic identity, interactive design, keynotes, prints and GIF & illustrations.

We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to fit your expectations and beyond.

Our secret informer improves human & droid relationship by analysing your user’s behavior.

A custom strategy coupling a plethora of tools is designed to achieve our clients’ goals: SEO, SEA, Analytics, A/B Testing & Iterations, Hacks…

As our Universe is always growing, our developers are devoted to stretch the limits of the Digital.

Choose your weapon, we build it: Websites, Mobiles Apps, Wordpress, Chatbot (AI), Augmented Reality, IoT…

Get on board for a long term brand strategy journey with communication’s support & social media weapons.

A team of passionate digital travelers

  • Diogo Heinen

    Front-end Dev Side Leader

  • Michel Plainchamp

    Back-end Dev

  • Laszlo Arnould

    Chief Executive Obiwan

  • Younes Oussaifi

    Design Side Padawan

  • Lorenzo Vannucci

    Marketing Side Padawan

  • Olaf De Landsheer

    Yoda Marketing Officer

  • Ophélie de Macar

    Community Side Padawan

  • Boris Josz

    Backend Dev Side Leader

  • Gérome Dedoncker

    3D Artist

Why isn’t digital a bigger part of it?

As digital is the present, we believe that it should have a bigger part in today’s education.

That is why we wanted to dedicate ourselves in helping to make that happen. We even think that Digital brings a healthy mindset that would benefit all the next generations exposed to it. Interested in that topic? Send us a mail, we'd love to discuss it with you.

We have the opportunity and the privilege to promote digital education through organisations with kids, families, corporates, young professionals and more. Check out our amazing partners and how we try to change the world together.

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